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MINSHOW TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. is one of the leading bamboo toothbrush manufacturers of China. Our company manufactured bamboo toothbrush wholesale, which has a distinct place in the industry and stands out in terms of the best quality and its unique design. We have an aim to offer the most unique and distinguishable product line that will eradicate the environmental pollution. We have a vast range of eco-friendly silicone food bags and bamboo made straws, cotton bags, and succulent pots. We are proud suppliers of wholesale Bamboo Toothbrush from China.

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Get the Finest Bamboo Toothbrush and Much More at Wholesale Rates

Minshow is an international manufacturing company, offering the premium Bamboo Toothbrush wholesale and bamboo-made straws to provide you a healthy and unhazardous life-style. We believe that infusing the nature in your daily use products is the best way to make your mind refreshing and relaxed throughout your routine of a hard day. We have a separate R&D department which aids us in carrying out the production of the best quality, innovative products. 

Browse for Purchasing in Bulk the Best Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes 

Minshow technology is well-versed is offering the most desired range of environmental-friendly bamboo toothbrush wholesale. We stand out in the market for offering the premium quality of bamboo Toothbrush at wholesale prices to the global market. Our dedication to making the world peaceful for a living is prominent through our work by providing such types of goods. We hope that you will play your part well by using eco-friendly products.

Why is Bamboo Toothbrush Good?

·         Bamboo brushes are biodegradable

·         Do not become the reason to increase more waste to the landfills

·         Healthy for human beings and our planet

·         Bamboo grows faster and is also cheaper than plastic

·         they are eco-friendly and helps to benefit the earth as well

Our Premium Services for Global Buyers and Traders

·         Bamboo toothbrush wholesale rates and best deals for international traders and marketers

·         Customizations available with your own printed design and logo

·         Shipping to all around the world with on-time delivery and with all the promised details

·         Implementing the super-soft bristles with catering to particular customer demand

Why Us

We have one of the trusted and reliable manufacturing companies from China, which offers the best quality environmental-friendly products at the most affordable rates.

Wholesale Rates

With our unique business plan to directly connect with traders, we are able to offer the best deals for global marketers and the wholesale rates on our company manufactured products.

Creative Team

Minshow has an army of highly skilled and creative workers with state-of-the-art machinery in our manufacturing unit, which aids us in offering unique products.

Customized Products

With the help of our highly efficient team, we offer customized services to our valuable clients with catering to their demands for special products also.

Promising Services

With a huge network of workers, we try every inch hard to deliver you your consignments on time with all the stated requirements and demands.

Environmental-Friendly Products

We have an aim to eradicate the unhealthy stuff from our daily lives and reduce the use of plastic made products. We have special bamboo and other environmental-friendly material made unique products.

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Minshow Trade is offering premium quality eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes at the wholesales price. We have best deals and packages for global buyers and traders for bamboo-made toothbrushes.

Bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly substitute for plastic brushes, and it is fully biodegradable, thus renewable and sustainable. Bamboo toothbrushes are also BPA free which causes less impact on our health; that is why it a better option.

The bamboo toothbrush bristles are made from nylon 6 and sometimes nylon 4, which are petroleum-based and considered according to some lab studies as biodegradable under specific environmental conditions.

The bamboo toothbrush has exploded in popularity due to its biodegradability, although they provide the same quality cleaning as conventional counterparts. But when it comes to safety, these toothbrushes are second to none because of antimicrobial properties that offer long-lasting protection against harmful bacteria.

Bamboo toothbrushes can typically last 3 to 4 months, depending on how you can take care of them. The duration may also vary brand-wise as quality concerns can affect the longevity of the bamboo toothbrushes.

Before disposing of the bamboo toothbrush, the bristle can be removed through a plier. All you need to do is put a little effort to pluck every single bristle from its root through this tool.

A bamboo toothbrush handles usually thrown into a commercial composting bin, which is not a bad trait to follow as it can decompose easily. Or if you want, you can compost it into your own home.

How Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Made?

China Reusable Bamboo Made Brush With 100% Biodegradable Handles:

Minshow Technology is the premium bamboo toothbrush manufacturer of China. We source high-quality bamboo to ensure the production of optimal quality bamboo toothbrush wholesale. The most widely used bamboo is “Moso Bamboo,” which is naturally abundant and available in China. Being the best China bamboo toothbrush supplier, we ensure that we use organic materials that are FSC certified and come from highly protected and sustainable areas. We provide that the handle of the China reusable bamboo made brush is 100% biodegradable and effectively decomposes within 6 months of disposal.

Bamboo Brush Wholesale Primed With 100% Vegan; Charcoal-Infused Degradable Nylon Bristles:

When it comes to bristles, we haven’t yet discovered a 100% organic alternative. One source is animal hair, but being the best bamboo toothbrush manufacturer, we personally do not prefer seeing our customers brushing teeth using animal hair. Thus, to ensure 100% effectivity and biodegradability, we make use of pure vegan and optimal quality nylon infused with charcoal to manufacture bristles. We are regarded as the best China bamboo toothbrush supplier because we ensure that we do our maximum homework and put in the best raw materials to claim that the brushes are 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.