Explore the Fascinating Facts About the Bamboo

Bamboo is known as a super renewable resource. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, and has many other benefits. Here are some rare, fascinating facts about Bamboo, which you must know about.

Bamboo is a Grass, Not a Wood

Technically, Bamboo is grass though you have likely seen it mistakenly mentioned as wood because of its tree-like appearance. Bamboo is hollow and has cylindrical stems that are characteristics of grass instead of the thick stems or trunks seen on trees. So, if you have ever speculated whether Bamboo is grass or a tree, now you know the right answer.

Myriad Species of Bamboo Worldwide

Scientists have discovered that there are more than a thousand species of Bamboo. Almost about 1,450 Bamboo species are found across five continents. While many individuals associate Bamboo with the Asian continent, i.e., China, India, Thailand, etc., It is also native to Australia, Madagascar, Chile, Mexico, and the Southern Eastern US.

The Staple of Eastern Medicine

Bamboo’s medical advantages date back centuries to Japan and Ancient China. Bamboo leaves, resin, and shavings are said to have medical uses for digestive and respiratory illnesses, fevers, and inflammation. Generally, being around Bamboo diminishes anxiety/stress and may reduce depression.

Bamboo Architect

Bamboo is gaining more popularity these days for its contemporary Bamboo architectural projects in China and Thailand. While Bamboo huts have become rampant now, the idea of making massive assemblies with woven Bamboo is attaining prominence because of its cost-effectiveness, strength, and sustainable nature.

Bamboo Grows Indoors and Outdoors

Bamboo typically likes outdoor surroundings, yet some of its species are able to handle indoor conditions. That means you can brighten your home or office with Bamboo plants as long as you are willing to give them extra attention and care.

Prevent Erosion

Bamboo plants like to cluster up and make dense canopies. These clusters joint with the plant’s extensive root systems form an effective barrier to prevent erosion. You might wish to think about planting some if you reside on a hillside home or other areas likely to mudslides or landslides.

Bamboo Colors

The attractive and colorful Bamboo pics you often see on Pinterest are not Photoshopped because the plant is not just green. You will find natural Bamboo plants in various colors, including blue, red, black, and yellow. Because of these beautiful colors, they are available in, leads to the manufacturing of many useful items like bamboo straws, toothbrushes, etc.