Growing & Keeping Succulents

We live in a world where global warming is at an all-time rise, leaving less fresh air to breathe. Growing succulents proves much simpler than other plants, and you can put them in your house to get a pleasant environment. It has numerous benefits making them an ideal choice among other plants. Keeping them requires knowledge and a few vital steps, but it is doable. Let's try to learn more about why succulents are preferred and explain the process of keeping them.

Why are Succulents Gaining Popularity?

People are resorting to keeping succulents on their office desks and bedrooms for several reasons. The primary cause of having succulents at home and office is because it helps remove harmful chemicals from the air. Moreover, it also increases the humidity level within the surrounding areas, and people living in dry climatic conditions find this increasingly useful. People also use it to avoid dry skin, among other medicinal benefits. It prevents sore throats and protects people from catching a cold in the winter season. The antioxidants present in this plant help with arthritis pain and treats inflammation within several areas of the body. Succulents are great at alleviating the symptoms of eczema found in children. It is loaded with various vitamins helping the pharmaceutical industry in making different kinds of medicines.

How to Choose a Succulent Container?

It is essential to select a container that allows you to keep the succulent fresh and reap all its benefits properly. Here are a few things to consider while shopping for a succulent container;

·     There should be a hole at the bottom to drain the excess water to provide adequate air to the roots. You can also make a hole if there isn't one.

·     It is advisable to get the one with a detachable saucer. Many people use the ones with a permanent saucer, but their succulents often die due to waterlogging.

·     You can also use double potting, which is keeping a smaller pot in a larger one. The roots grow in the bigger pot, and you can also take the smaller one out without damaging the plant.

A lot of people use double potting to add a decorative look to their succulent pots. However, make sure to drain any excess water from the pot liner to prevent sufficient damage to the roots. It also protects the soil from sudden temperature changes.