Reasons to Use Drinking Straws Made of Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest-growing and a multipurpose plant that is used to make several products because of the unlimited benefits it offers. It is a safe and natural alternative that doesn’t threaten marine life or contaminate the environment.

Bamboo Vs. Plastic Drinking Straws

Plastics are harmful to the environment as it takes millions of years to dispose of from the earth. In contrast, Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that makes it ideal for drinking straws. Bamboo is natural and biodegradable. When you dispose it, it will go back to the soil. The Bamboo plant is grown without the addition of any chemicals and pesticides, and also it has natural antibacterial properties. This makes the bamboo product less resistant to carrying any bacteria or becoming rotten. This eco-friendly product makes 35% more oxygen than other trees and even absorbs CO2 from the climate.

There are many other reasons to pick this eco-friendly drinking straw as compared to the other materials because of the following benefits:


The drinking straws made of the bamboo material are very durable, so there are fewer chances of any breakage. Also, in these drinking straws, there are no sharp edges. Its smooth edges make it child-friendly as well. It causes no irritation in the mouth because of the natural material used. These are suitable for both hot and cold drinking beverages.


The cost you will spend on a packet of bamboo straws will be a portion of what you would spend on an era of using plastic straws.


Plastic straws are fabricated from the chemical polypropylene, which is FDA approved, but there is proof that it leaches into liquors and pollute them. In contrast, Bamboo offers additional health benefits as it is a plant and completely safer for everyone.


A bamboo straw will last an era if appropriately cleaned and maintained for as it is reusable. Re-using plastic straws is not hygienic and can lead to the build-up of deadly bacteria and germs.


The reusable bamboo drinking straws are beautiful in appearance as well and is a fun accent to any drink.