Succulent Pots Are Uniquely Delicate

That is true because these plants also require care and attention but in a different way. I would start this argument by noting that succulents are not your regular jasmine plant. They are different in ways that they are sturdier and robust. Succulents are the species of deserts and similar sites where there are high radiations of the sun, but there is very scarce water. So, by knowing this, we realize that succulents are not the plants that you would be watering on and off, maybe twice or thrice a day. Succulents need to be watered and fed only once or twice a week. They do not need too much care. Not just that, they find not getting attention more interesting than getting fed and being watered over and over again. One thing that I clicked just now is the fact that you should never ever feed and water a succulent on the same day. If you do it, the plant will die. Other cases say that they will catch fungus or get rotten, however, eventually, they will die.

What To Do Then?

When you are taking care of a succulent plant, you need to take care of certain things. I have already mentioned the result you will get on feeding and watering the plant on the same day. Let us dig deeper into this topic.

  1. You should always evacuate the water out of the succulent. You should never let the water stay in the pot. People use to make small holes in the sides of the succulent pots. You can also use ceramic-made succulent pots.
  2. You should always provide them with proper light and leave them be. If they are not growing, that is okay, some succulents have slow growth processes.
  3. You should also take care of the fact that you need to fertilize and water the succulents only once a week. At max, it can be done twice.